Welcome to The Daniel Collection

This site was created with the aim of showcasing and publicising some of the turning that has appealed to us in our time as collectors. We would hope that, in doing so, we are also able to shine a light on this particular art form - which seems to be largely overlooked by galleries as a serious artistic medium (in the UK at least).

In response to a frequently asked question, we do not loan pieces out due to the high risk of damage. However, we are more than happy to show people round the collection at a mutually convenient time. We (as in Jonathon) are also happy to come and "talk" to clubs and other interested groups about collecting turned wood.

On this site, you'll find most of the pieces in the Collection. The others will be photographed and added as soon as we can find the time! Some will be re-shot as time has moved on and photography skills improved.

Note: the pieces are sorted by first name rather than surname.

Please let us know if we've attributed a piece to the wrong artist or if you spot any mistakes.

Contact details: shirley@sandjay.co.uk

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