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Some further pointers ..

Links to turners' websites, where known, are provided from the gallery pages and not repeated here. Instead, we thought that for a change we could give some pointers as to where we go when seeking further information or inspiration.
I should perhaps point out that if you do decide to purchase anything from this list - this site does not receive any financial benefit / kickback / commission. This is a non-commercial venture although if anyone has a sponsorship proposal then it's always nice to have a bit more money to spend buying wood......

The Loughborough Seminar

The bi-annual seminar is a must-see for collectors and surely a must-attend for those wishing to learn from some of the best names in wood-turning across all manner of disciplines.
Personally we go just for the Instant Gallery - which is open to the public and seems to be improving all the time. This year, 2009, seemed particularly strong with a good number of entries and an encouraging amount of 'artistic' pieces.
For those unable to attend, for the past few seminars we have taken 'snaps' of the pieces in the gallery and put them on their own webspace for people to browse at their leisure as well as for future reference.
Hopefully we've managed to snap all ofthe pieces and have them correctly attributed - if there are any errors please let us know and we will correct them.
To see the 2009 gallery click here (website will open in a new window).

Coffee table inspiration

Challenge IV - Roots: Insights and Inspirations in Contemporary Turned Objects
Wood Turning Center
ISBN 0-9624386-6-1

Wonders in Wood
AWGB with photography by Tony Boase
ISBN 0-9533817-0-6

Contemporary Turned Wood
Leier, Peters & Wallace
ISBN 0-9658248-8-8

The Art of the Lathe
Patrick Spielman
ISBN 0-806904272-X

Enter the World of Lathe-Turned Objects
Wood Turning Center
ISBN 0-9651966-1-5

Bois de Reve, Bois Travailles
ISBN 2-907988-11-0

Expressions in Wood - Masterworks From The Wornick Collection
ISBN 1-882140-15-X (hardbound)

New Masters Of Woodturning - Expanding The Boundaries Of Wood Art
ISBN 978-1-56523-375-1

Connections - International Turning Exchange 1995 - 2005
Wood Turning Center
ISBN 0-9729943-1-9

The Fine Art Of Wood - The Bohlen Collection
ISBN 0-7892-0680-3

River Of Destiny - The Life And Work Of Binh Pho
Kevin Wallace
ISBN 0-9712772-6-5

Nature Transformed - Wood Art From The Bohlen Collection
ISBN 1-9305061-08-3

Turning Wood Into Art - The Jane and Arthur Mason Collection
ISBN 0-8109-4483-9

Bert Marsh - Woodturner
ISBN 0-946819-51-3

How-To Books

Whilst neither of us turns (or has any interest in doing so), we nevertheless have a number of 'how to' books which contain some interesting pieces.

Two-In-One Manuals - Phil Irons
ISBN 1-84092-243-5

Techniques of Spiral Work
Stuart Mortimer
ISBN 085443063-0

Woodturning Projects - A Workshop Guide To Shapes
Mark Baker
ISBN 1-86108-391-2

Woodturning - A Source Book Of Shapes
John Hunnex
ISBN 0946819-45-9

Bowl Turning Techniques Masterclass
Tony Boase
ISBN 1-86208-117-0


Taking good pictures of a piece can often make (or break) a sale and is something, along with marketing, that I think many turners overlook. Having said that, the finished articles are often highly reflective and it is a lot harder to take a picture that does them credit than may at first appear.
To help people in this, John Jordan has put together an excellent page on how he approaches photographing his work which can be viewed here.
Whilst there are many photographic books on the market, the single definitive volume that most photographers and messageboard threads will point people towards is this one (worth its' weight in ebony)..

Light - Science & Magic
Fil Hunter, Steven Biver & Paul Fuqua
ISBN 0-240-80819-3

Web design

Finally (for now) - web design. There are too many books to mention here and if you are looking for something to learn from it will largely depend upon your preferred way of absorbing what you need to know. Personally, the Lynda Weinman series works well for me in addition to the Quickstart books for looking a particular point up. If you want any further pointers on this please email me using the Contact page on the site.